T Chow - Chinese Restaurant

Welcome to T Chow! We serve authentic chinese food. Come over for a great and relaxing dining experience!

T-Chow Chinese Restaurant

If you are looking for a nice, comfortable and unique place to enjoy genuine Chinese food, look no further than T-Chow. For the time T-Chow has been in business, the restaurant became popuar not only among Australians who enjoy Chinese cuisine, but also among Chinese people. It is so important to know, that Chinese dishes served at T-Chow really taste genuine to people, who are familiar with the way these dishes taste in China.
The menu at T-Chow is very diverse, however there are some dishes people order a lot and note in their social media. Here are the most popular dishes served here:

  • ✔ prawn cabbage rolls;
  • ✔ steamed garlic prawns;
  • ✔ sweet and sour pork;
  • ✔ crispy duck;
  • ✔ delicious yum cha (served daily between 11am to pm);
  • ✔ stir-fried pork intestines with salted cabbage;
  • ✔ braised beef hotpot;
  • ✔ jellyfish with shredded duck meat.

If you are willing to enjoy great Chinese food and yum cha in a bustling atmosphere, you are welocme to book a table at T-Chow, Adelaide.